This is my dream, my passion to recreate the more beautiful parts of Tolkien's world into my own...To merge what I see with what I do not see, to have a blending of his world with mine...To be able finally to walk in the land I have so longed dreamed of...Come walk with me as we make this journey together...

I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Hobbit Room!

Here is another version of a hobbit room for you! Hey maybe you can do a whole house each in another hobbit color.

This time I suggest a soft peach color with white trim and some nice green accents again in your pillows, frames and other accessories. You always want three colors in a room. You have your main wall color and then accent with two other colors. Let one of the accent colors be more dominant that the other. Its important to have sense of flow throughout the house and you can do this by using one of the accent colors from one room and carry it over into the next room. In this example I have used white in the first room and again in the second room. This creates good flow! White is basic and goes with everything and you don't have to over do.



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