This is my dream, my passion to recreate the more beautiful parts of Tolkien's world into my own...To merge what I see with what I do not see, to have a blending of his world with mine...To be able finally to walk in the land I have so longed dreamed of...Come walk with me as we make this journey together...

I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elven Decor

So excited...This house, this time going out on a real limb! Live with a person who doesn't believe in, hasn't read the books or seen the movies and most likely never will...So have had to be rather "in cognito" for anything related to Tolkien. But this house is different!Way different from the other place..Feel braver here. Only been here a very short time but it feels so elven already to me. I must decorate in elven decor no matter. If (he) figures it out so be it at least its classy and he likes that. And fortunately in my opinion that entails classy, timeless, elegant decor! The house already has good bones in that direction to its easy to just keep the flow going if you will.

Recently I discovered in Seventh Avenue mail order catalog some very elven pieces of furniture. One is a console that screams Middle Earth -unfortunately it sold out before I could get one but there is hope it will resurface. Keep looking...In the same catalog found a garden bench that looks like a chaise lounge only its metal with intricate twinning of the wires with leaves and birds! It made my mouth drop open! Had to have one so used the money meant for the console and got it! It came really quickly and was quite affordable (except for the shipping-ouch). Anyways its metal and I'm putting it indoors in my "formal" room. Think I am going to make a thin cushion though to put on the seat part just to formalize it more and make a softer seat. In my case going to use a burgundy fabric to compliment the taupe walls and sage green curtains. Nice! Also saw some wall sconces in a sister publication that are so elven and with a mirror to reflect the candles placed on them...

It feels so freeing to finally just go out on that limb and do what I have secretly craved for so many years. Its like finally admitting that its ok to be yourself and like certain things even if your other half doesn't. Thing is that so far everything that "I've gone for" is really turning out to be the right choice...What a good feeling! What a "what took me so long feeling too!"

So if anyone of you are going through a similar situation just be true to yourself, go for it! Hey you only live here on earth once so make the best of it! A little paint color isn't going to kill anyone now is it? And if it just makes your day a little brighter then DO IT!

Happy decorating!


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