This is my dream, my passion to recreate the more beautiful parts of Tolkien's world into my own...To merge what I see with what I do not see, to have a blending of his world with mine...To be able finally to walk in the land I have so longed dreamed of...Come walk with me as we make this journey together...

I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elven Music Room Pic's

Mercy sakes finally was able to get these pic's posted!  Here are some pics from the elvish music room. Ok, the site is messing with my ability to type where I please so bear with me ok? It is dictating where I can place the words here...Sorry. This room is open and lovely in a nice chocolately taupe color which is NOT coming across in these pics. Anyways you will notice some accessories that I have found here and there that to me seem very elven in style. I was very drawn to the use of metal and wood as they are "earthy" elements that are also timeless like the elves.  First shown here is a unique vase I found that is neutral in color but not in style. I have place some silk elanor and niphridil in it as can be seen. In front of it just for added interest is a small glass votive holder with painted leaf patterns on it. Lovely contrast here. Next you see here a wall hanging made of metal with a tree and two birds...Trees remind you of life and growing things as well as the tree that grew again when Aragorn was made king. Love the metal, its different and strong. It is a contrast in that its metal and yet being delicate in design. Its much more beautiful in "person" if you will. Next you will see a beautiful wall clock! It is a real conversation piece. It has some celtic feel to it which is often also associated with elven decor.  I love this clock! Every piece I choose for this room needs to feel unique and timeless, like something you might find in Rivendell, in Elronds chambers perhaps? That is my main barometer for choosing accessories here to be honest. Not shown here (limitations on how many pics will allow to post) Is a beautiful metal garden bench with vines and birds. Also a lovely chaise lounge with a viney floral print with ivory and golds...There are two lovely bird prints above the piano here also. Will try to get a room pic and more of the detail pic's too. There are lovely sage green sheer curtains at the window with a matching scarf over the top rod for open airy feel-hate to block any light. The sage green curtains frame the woods outside and bring in the green especially in the winter when its brown outside. Helps not feel so down about the dead looking outside. It also compliments the taupe incredibly! Nice combo. Must mention that this room has many colors though as it works here. Most rooms won't do to have too many colors but it works here. I have the taupe walls, sage green curtains, then the white and yellow flowers, some white flowers on piano, the ivory and gold chaise, gold mirror, gold tones in bench and bird hanging, then I threw in for a punch of color two redish candlesticks and a red accent chair! Its amazing! The taupe and green compliment the red so well especially with the wood in the room having red undertones. The white alleviates the heavy dark. In fact an awesome room would have been the taupe walls with sage green curtains and WHITE furniture! Very modern and clean but NICE! I do get compliments on the room I have described. Its light, fun, inviting and so elven to me!Still trying to decide if needs a rug in the center to anchor or not. Not sure yet... So all for now, all questions and comments welcome as always. Just in case I missed something. It happens you know...Even elves get tired.


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Gwendolyn said...

Love the page!! Im looking to incorporate a more elvish feel into my home and garden room decorum as well. Open to all suggestions.
I've enjoyed your page.
Hannon Lle!
Gwendolyn Brown