This is my dream, my passion to recreate the more beautiful parts of Tolkien's world into my own...To merge what I see with what I do not see, to have a blending of his world with mine...To be able finally to walk in the land I have so longed dreamed of...Come walk with me as we make this journey together...

I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Friday, May 2, 2014

Some thought sharing....

Not sure where to go with this post...

I have been at the new flet just over a year now, its beautiful in a lovely mountainous wooded setting...its near two rivers... the whole house except for 2 baths, and two other rooms is all done in my version of Tolkien style...and yet my heart yearns for travel yet again.  Perhaps its the elven curse of the call of the sea?
I have a strong desire to take the white swan boat over the sea to this beautiful new location where things grow better and year round... If so then some other elf will inherit all the lovely decor here, time will tell.  I have so many ideas for more decor and yet I do not feel as inspired to do them here as when we first came. Again perhaps its the call of another place that reminds me of happier days long ago. Being a single elf again with an elfling, life has dramatically changed. Perhaps thats also the cause. This was a haven for us, a safe place without any orcs around and yet it still isn't quite home either. There is so much here though that will be hard to leave.  The beautiful,  huge stone steps leading down from the front yard of flet down to the back of said flet.  They are massive stone steps weighing about 600 to 900 pounds each I was told.  The kind soul who did that for us knew how I love ME and said it was our own little piece of Rivendell...So true, they are stunning and lovely. Then there is the elven orchard I planted with three pear trees, a peach tree, an apple tree, fig tree....also the strawberries, the lavender, the azaleas in pink and white.  The white crabapple tree and the two willow trees... The roses and peonies, the stone bench that was brought from 2 flets back...So much. The little 6x8 flet that is being slowly built for the elfling. And the flet up in the real tree along with the elven tire swing we just hung.  Short time so many things done to beautify and inspire joy. They will be hard to leave. And yet the lure of a new adventure kind of like Frodo when he also joined the special group sailing away that last time...Like Frodo this adventure for us is also about healing deep wounds. It feels like we also are going to the undying lands. A place of yearly sunshine and warm climates...And yet with the best gardening soil, even Sam would be jealous.  Not sure exactly when this is going to happen but hoping it will be before the cold comes.  If so know that this site will travel with me. Hopefully that is good news for you. Its so great for me to be able to share here...All the dreams that have been held inside for so long finally finding a home here.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lothlorien Basement Decor

Trying to find a previous post on the Lothlorien basement I was working on promising pics for...can't find it so it I repeat myself so sorry. Also update of Caras Galladon flet...Had to abandon project as their was a serious orc attack at that location of my Lothlorien and we had to relocate to yet another hopefully safer spot. Trying to pick up the  pieces and start over. Hence now the opportunity for the Lothlorien basement.

I'm going to attempt to add pic's here for you....

These are two of the mallorns I have painted on the walls...I painted them going up into the ceiling to add illusion of great height...Some day if/when the ceiling gets finished the illusion can be further generated by painting ceiling with sky or ? Around the corner to the right in this pic I have continued with the trees and there is going to be the waterfall feeding Nimrodel between them flowing to the floor with the water painted onto the floor as well in a stream.

On another set of walls in foreground actually to this pic I have applied some Tatouage decals to create a garden in Lothlorien.  Again will try to include pic for you...
Hope you  like these pics.....I so enjoy painting and decorating and since LOR is such an intregral
part of my life so happy to be able to share it with you all also! Oh forgot to mention that the concrete floor here is painted sage green to make it look like grass and it truly does add a lot. And what you don't see is to far right of top pic are all my LOR standees: Arwen/Aragorn, Leggy w/Gimli, the four hobbits, and Gandalf....It really adds to the feeling of being in Middle Earth with the trees etc.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update on Lower level of Flet

Ok, have now painted one section of walls in the warm pale blue with the two white planters and topiaries in them. Also the white almost Greek style statue and bird fountain also put up. Put sprinkling of butterflies and couple of hummingbirds there also. Nice. Around the corner have the two white mallorns with good shading now. Past that have painted two more blue walls one has the base coat for two more mallorns and a sketch in for the waterfall that feeds the Nimrodel...its going to be lovely! The other larger wall will soon also have base coat for at least four more mallorns. In front of all of this are the standees of Arwen, Strider, Four hobbits, Gandalf and Leggy w/Gimli. Its almost surreal fun... Am trying hard to get pics here into computer so can post them for you all...Promise soon, just have to remember to coordinate my efforts with times have internet access. Out of time today and battery life also...Maybe can download onto computer at home (no internet) and then when have access later can post? Will try hard, think you'll enjoy the pics!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arwen Room Variation

Had to reread my own post cause couldn't remember details that well...Have a small space that want to do the Arwen theme...Going to paint a pale lavender on walls and then debating on either the white curtains or perhaps a sheer silver? Also thinking in finding a silver shimmery bedcover but so far nothing can be found.  Will then look for a small deep purple and pale lavender toss pillows for bed. The floor is actually concrete (basement of flet) and is painted a soft sage green. Have added small area rug with lots of red/navy/hunter green. Not sure if it will stay or not. Keep remembering the flooring of Arwens room in movie, it is tile with a lot of red in it-strong color. I prefer the soft but a little punch is good to wake things up especially since elves live so long they are bound to get bored w d├ęcor. Going to seek out silver lamps for either side of bed and have a good mirror that may paint silver. Its very old but and think it would be ok in silver also. We'll see. Its a tiny space that barely fits dresser twin and 2 lamp stands. Its well lit and will be a guest sleeping area, very restful. Think my standee will also find a home here. Happy decorating!GG

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lothlorien Basement

Well we moved again this time hopefully a more permanent spot of Lothlorien...
It has an unfinished lower level of this new flet that is perfect of creative elves like me...
Took so far two walls that framed a small white doorway and painted them a warm robins egg blue for sky don't want too cool of a blue too chilly... so a warm light blue. Then I used this medium dark gray paint that was left over (mistake paint) to paint two tall mallorns from floor trim up to the ceiling. I purposely painted the tree tops OUT of sight if you will because mallorns are very tall...I did however for balance paint two branches going up into ceiling for further illusion of great height. Going to paint a small chipmunk or such in a knot in one tree and a small turtle at the base of another. Still working on the shading for these trees, actually used some white for highlighting as want these trees to be pale and silvery. May add some dark almost black in some small detail for more depth, working on it.  Where the wall turns corner going to continue the woods and add Nimrodel coming down in distance flowing to a small river along base of wall. Here will have ferns and such along bank. Looking for a good pic of Galaldriel to add here also. Cant find standee...Yet!  Currently have Aragorn and his love Arwen in standees there. More standees waiting to be put out. The elfling loves the woods feels so magical to her and me too!  The floor is concrete so got a floor paint and its a nice muted shade of green like grass- lovely!!!! On another wall in a section close by painted wall same color but have a dryrub wall transfer of a white statue and bird fountain. Also butterflies and and humingbirds too...Lovely. The wall facing this one has a door in center but to either side going to paint same blue with two white planters and each with a  tall topiary framing door. Very formal but beautiful! So elven to me. Can see such things in Lothlorien. Cant wait to get it all done! Have no shame in showing off my love of ME and nor should you!

Enjoy happy decorating! Will post pics as soon as its all done for you to enjoy too!