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I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Wall Pic Idea's for Lothlorien

Have so much in my head and don't always remember to actually put it here...sorry.

I had mentioned taupe walls for the elves...Works good for Rivendell too, it a grey taupe not pink taupe, it simulates old stone, old like elves... The taupe is a wonderful background color for all shades of greens (think trees) especially the grass greens and sage greens. BUT dark leafy plants really pop against this color also. And with white trim, wow!

I like to get large nature posters with green woods and water features either waterfalls, streams or you could do a quiet lake too.  is one of my favorite sites ever! Then be sure to use a BLACK frame. It blends best with nature shots like this and compliments the taupe also.  The green in the scenes will really jump out at you against a taupe wall...Its incredible and wonderful.

White as in furniture also looks awesome against a nice taupe wall. Very classy and clean too. But then you must be able to maintain the "clean" if you use white. I will often use a throw over lighter furniture that is in my color scheme until company arrives and then we "unveil" the piece.

Another thing you can consider for wall pics for Lothlorien is black and white or sepia prints of nature shots. They also look good against the taupe walls and are very classy looking. I have two and always get compliments on them. Again All Posters. com has lots to choose from. If you don't like their prices get on their email lists because they are always having sales! That's when I order!

Remember WHAT the elves chose to live in, nature, beautiful nature.  Lothlorien with the stunning mallorns, waterfalls, rivers, gardens.  Rivendell with the beautiful mountains, waterfalls, gardens. Surround yourself with similar pic's.  Pic's help create atmosphere and that's what your looking for here...Even if you can't have your dream setting outside you CAN create it inside. Remember its all in the details, paint, wall pics, accessories!  Chose wisely and you will be happy for years to come. Remember too that elves have such exquisite things, timeless things, let that help guide you.  If you find something unique and elvish to you get it! You won't regret it,  at least don't think you will, I never have.


Hope this helps out...Any questions feel free to ask.

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