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I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hobbity Bath Anyone?

Well another bit of inspiration has struck...

Hobbits I know your out there...Here's a nice cosy bath scheme for you that will keep you toasty warm in winter and pleasantly happy in summer.

First off paint your walls in a nice deep warm yellow...Not too lemony, that's too bright. You want something more muted but deep like a warm mustard or even  a nice soft butterscotch... If these are too deep for you then go with a nice more brownish yellow on the lighter side...You don't want anything too bright yellow, you do want more deep, muted and soft...Hope that makes sense to you like it does to me.

Then you can accent with towels in either a nice sage green, hunter green, chocolate brown, or even a deep teal blue/green. You can also layer the towels with two of the colors together, will look rather fancy for a hobbit but then maybe your trying to impress in-laws or ? You can also add the wall color for the accent towel color. I do this sometimes.  When you purchase the towels in the store hold the two colors together and see if you like the combination before you buy. You can do the larger bath towels on the bottom layer then put smaller folded hand towels on top of those. If really fancy then you can add the folded wash clothes in the color of the bath towel on top of the hand towel.  Looks really nice! Then put a bath mat on floor in the color you chose as the bath towel.  Find a shower curtain with something to do with nature: a field of flowers, or just something floral, something in a solid color,or anything YOU find that says that's it! That's what I'm looking for!  BUT it also needs to have your colors in it or it will look HORRID!  Not what we want for you... For example if you choose the chocolate as your main towel color then why not a chocolate colored curtain? You could also if you can find it, find a shower curtain to match your walls. I have not seen any curtains with this color but you might.

You will also want to accessorize other things with your colors,  Toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, toilet bowl brush holder...Remember ONE color is your main color:either the bath towel color or your wall color.  I like to match the wall color for accessories but not always...Sometime the contrast is nice.  I really like this bath set up with either a white or beige sink/toilet/bathtub/shower.

Then finally you NEED some wall decor...This is the fun part for me as this really adds the final touch to the atmosphere...

I highly recommend you going to All and looking for the perfect print.  In the bath here which is currently very hobbity I found a lovely framed print at a thrift shop that is a very enlarged photo of a marsh with wild flowers...Its perfect!  Look for something with a field of flowers or a meadow or a nice farm type scene perhaps.  See whats there that appeals to you.  It could be a print with photo of a large vase of summer flowers- like something you'd see on a farm kitchen table or such... Perhaps bit of sunflowers? Very hobbitty! If possible it looks nice to hang a large picture over the back of the toilet tank. Adds nice balance to room.  If space available hang another on opposite wall near shower/tub and over towel rack.  If no towel rack there then hang pic anyway, again for good balance in room.

I also added a clear, tall glass vase with a silk flower arrangement containing sunflowers and some deep almost navy smaller flowers between the larger golden sunflowers. I also added some small white almost like a baby's breath fill just to make it more attractive and full.  It sits on the back of the toilet tank under the framed marsh print, lovely.  If room it would also look lovely on the side of the sink- if you have room. I didn't in this new place. If you are going to do this look at a craft store to find what you need.  You could also add a small candle with the proper color and hopefully with a scent reminiscent of something you like perhaps sunflowers or something baked? Or something with a nature smell... just no SPA scents for the hobbits, thats for the elves-sorry!

Now if your a guy and don't want to do the flower thing... remember unless you want to stay solo the female hobbits would appreciate a little feminine touch now and then...BUT if your hardcore single male then here's something that may appeal to you instead. What about a wooden bowl of potpourri with a nice fall scent to it. Make sure the colors match though! Now a days they seem to dye the stuff all kinds of colors... You could also add a nice tall candle in a clear candle holder next to it with a metalic base. Get either a white or cream colored candle if you do. This is simple and yet still manly!

Ok can't think of anything else at the moment...Hope this helps someone out there in cyber world!

Happy decorating!

PS if you want you could also lay a folded in half hand towel across the back of toilet tank and put the decor on top of that. Just adds little more warmth and color. And if you also wanted too a small bowl of the "plastic/foam" fall veggies like small pumkins, squash, nuts or a bowl of apples, could be used instead of potpourri.  It will last year round cause its not real...Very Hobbity.

Another thing is to find some kind of air freshener thing that smells like something inviting. Nothing tropical ok? That's not going to match up and you and your guest will notice. Need something either cinnamon or apple or you get the idea. And they seem to sell those scents year round. Hide the airfreshner somewhere, behind the toilet, on top of the medicine cabinet...doesn't matter just don't leave it in plain view, you have the candle for visual.


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