This is my dream, my passion to recreate the more beautiful parts of Tolkien's world into my own...To merge what I see with what I do not see, to have a blending of his world with mine...To be able finally to walk in the land I have so longed dreamed of...Come walk with me as we make this journey together...

I aear can ven na mar....

I aear can ven na mar....
"The sea calls us home" -Elrond at Grey Havens

Lady Galadriel

Thursday, January 8, 2015

LOR Wall Mural from Calendar

Just a thought...This is a shot of a a black and white calendar I had and wanted to frame but didn't get that far... I found some sticky stuff for hanging posters and just arranged them on the wall.  Each print is regular calendar size so not too small... It was a stunning display that brought me lots of compliments and comments on "oh you must be a Middle Earth fan!" Some were ignorant enough to ask if it was Harry Potter! Hummph....NOT!

Thought I'd share as inexpensive idea for wall decor...Enjoy!


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